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Private and Commercial Pilots

There are a variety of qualifications that are designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to enter the aviation industry. They range from Certificate I in Aviation (Foundation Skills) right up to an Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instruction). But to become a pilot you must first hold a pilots licence.

There are two main forms of licence.

  1. A Private Pilot Licence
  2. A Commercial Pilot Licence

To gain a Private Pilot Licence you must complete at least forty hours of flight time and are not allowed to charge for your services as a pilot.

To gain a Commercial Pilots Licence you must complete at least one hundred and fifty hours of flight time and you may charge for your services as a pilot.

Commercial pilots can operate in a wide variety of fields including conducting emergency search and rescue operations, running charter or joy flights, working with commercial airlines or being involved in agricultural operations.

To obtain either licence you must be in good physical health and all applicants have to pass a medical examination before they can obtain their licence.

To improve your opportunity of selection for entry into commercial aviation individuals can complete a certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence). For further information on this course please visit the TAFE Course Directory.

"A Career and Course Guide for Victoria: Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Industry" provides further information on the wide variety of occupations and qualifications available in Transport and Logistics. To secure a copy please contact TDT Victoria.

To find a training provider that offers the qualification you are interested in, go the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) website

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