Our Cadets Meet our Cadets

Our 2008 Cadet Intake


I completed Year 12 VCE in 2005. I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures. I applied for the Cadetship as I felt it was a fantastic career opportunity within an industry that I have always been interested in and one which is constantly growing. After about 15 months with this program these features have definitely become apparent. I now work at Toll Shipping in the Operations Office. We run a service from Tasmania to Victoria, using two ships, every night except Sundays. We bring over a lot of frozen goods and other general freight. I have recently experienced the work done at our sister company Toll Tasmania, and am about to have a stint at Edwards and then spend a period on the ship, which should be an experience!


I have been involved in the Cadetship program now for 18 months and I have not looked back. Toll SPD has offered me a good career path with lots of flexibility and opportunity to move forward and coupled with the diploma, it has kept my options open for study at the same time. I am definitely glad that I pursued this opportunity rather than being locked into a university degree. This has given me job security, an education and freedom all at once.


After completing VCE in Geelong with a Cert II in Business and Cert III in Information Technology I applied for the Cadetship program because it seemed like a great initiative for people that want to get “a foot in the door” to the logistics industry. The program is set up for Cadets to be supported through their work and study, and the potential for knowledge gain is incredible. Working for Post Logistics has taught me so much about the industry, and the experiences will certainly assist me in the remainder of my working life.


I completed my VCE studies in 2004. After completing 2 years of Marketing at RMIT I was attracted to the Cadetship because of the opportunity it provided to both work and study. The chance to directly and regularly see how the theory learnt at TAFE is applied in the workplace is a great way of learning for me. I am currently working at Post Logistics based in operations.
The Cadetship program has well and truly met my already high expectations. We have been shown things most people don’t get the chance to see, such as the restricted freight areas of the airport and new amazing sorting technologies, and that’s only study-based! Also, being a small group of students has enabled us to form strong friendships that may one day become useful contacts across many logistics companies.


I have now been working in the Transport and Logistics Industry for nearly three years. I have heard much talk of how the industry can be hard to get out of, as per my experience, I can only agree.
I currently work at Kalari, a subsidiary of the Swire Group, where I balance studying for the Cadetship and working in an operational environment. The Cadetship has taught me many things, not only about the industry but about myself and it has steered my career aspirations into the right direction. I have found the most important aspect out of the Cadetship to be the opportunities to network with some very important people of the industry. Having the other cadets there to talk to has also been a positive experience, as they can understand some of the issues in either work or study that I might be having trouble with. The Cadetship has really been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to young people in the industry or looking to further their career.


I graduated with the VCE in 2002 and I am 24 years old. I have previously worked at a large hospitality company, mainly as a storeman. After working in a job where there appeared to be limited, if any, advancement and no official training of any type, I needed a position that would offer both. After attending TAFE in 2007 in Business Management, I decided to give this program a go. The Cadetship met every area of importance for me; with nearly unlimited growth potential, the ability to be trained above industry standards, and a perfect opportunity to show to myself what I was capable of.
I am currently employed at K & S Freighters where I started in the Export Area for a major client. I then moved to rail and Domestic Transport where I controlled and monitored the movement of ancillary equipment and containers for use throughout the company on a national level. I am now currently involved in the Import Operations and take care of specific clients’ logistic needs in regards to importation and distribution of products. In each area I learned valuable points which helped me greatly with the next area of occupation while all the time taking what I learnt at TAFE back to work.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at TAFE where I get to learn procedures and techniques I can directly implement when I’m at work. There is a very nice spread between work, training and study. One of the best parts is the interaction with the other students, as several of us have already formed really tight bonds and are constantly in communication with one another.


I completed the VCE in 2007 at Box Hill Senior Secondary and I am in the second year of the Cadetship program. I work at the Glen Cameron Group which is a privately owned company. To date the program has had both up and downs as I have really enjoyed some aspects and other aspects of the course have been frustrating. I feel work for a private company has given me a different look at the industry compared to the other cadets. People at the Glen Cameron Group always ask me how things are going and how I am enjoying the course. There are still challenges left to go but I hope this course helps me achieve my future goals whatever they may be.
Our 2009 Cadet Intake


I completed my VCE in 2009. Straight out of school I started working at US Bus Lines. I applied for the Cadetship as I felt it was a great opportunity to learn more within the Logistics industry. The Glen Cameron Group has offered me a short stint at their work as well, which will be an eye-opener to how the Logistics trade is done. I enjoy the blocks at TAFE and have met many great people. I look forward to finishing the Diploma and seeing what it has to offer me in the future.


I finished my VCE in 2005 at Sunbury Downs College. Immediately after, I began working at The Reject Shop Distribution Centre in Tullamarine where I was exposed to a vast array of warehousing tasks, from picking, X docking, forklift driving, unloading overseas containers, and the loading and unloading of trucks. This raised an interest in Logistics. Once I heard about the Cadetship it was clear what I wanted to do.

I have now been taken on by Shell’s Logistics department. Shell have exposed me to many aspects of their business and have proven to be a very supportive company to work within. Between studying at TAFE for the Diploma and working with Shell, I am constantly learning new things, and most importantly, I am getting the opportunity to apply my new-found skills at work. This Cadetship is a fantastic way to expose young people to the booming Logistics industry. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.



2010: I completed my VCE studies in 2006 at Mazenod College. From there I took up studies at RMIT University for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I found that going back to full time study wasn’t for me. I was offered an in-house apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and worked on the RMIT University race team building world championship race cars and had the honour of helping build the first ever hydrogen race car for RMIT.

The Cadetship is a great balance between study and work. The ability to earn a full time wage and to get time to study and get a qualification that leads to advancement is what attracted me to the Cadetship. I am currently working for PaperlinX Merchant Logistics. Working for PaperlinX is fantastic as it is a company that promotes fresh thinking and wants all of its employees to contribute to the company. The vast variety of tasks involved in Logistics is amazing. There is never a dull moment from loading a truck to organising truck times on the computer system. Each day brings a new set of challenges and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in the Logistics industry.
2011: PaperlinX has given me a great opportunity at our Perth warehouse in the role of day shift manager.
I would like to personally thank TDT Victoria for their role in my development as a student and employee. Without TDT’s commitment and professionalism I would not be where I am today and would know little to nothing about the Logistics industry.
The opportunity the training has provided is a gateway too many great things I’m sure will come.
Also please thank all the other industry leaders who have given their precious time for the students to visit their organisations as well as their in-depth knowledge in Logistics. It is great to see that these companies and the people running them are going to be the driving force in bringing younger people into the industry.


I completed year 12 at the Grange P-12 College in 2007. After I finished year 12 I went on working part time at Safeway and took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do. I then got my job at Secon Freight Logistics in the Transport Operations office. Once the company found out about the Cadetship program they thought it would be a good opportunity for me to be a part of. The program offers an education qualification and also hands-on experience. Working at Secon has given me an opportunity to learn new things and also gain experience in the transport industry. The Cadetship offers great opportunities for my future.


I completed my VCE studies at the end of 2005 and took up an apprenticeship as a carpenter for 18 months but decided it wasn’t for me. The combination of hands-on industry experience as well as applied study gained through the study blocks which are completed 4 times a year was what attracted me to the Cadetship.
Currently I am working at Secon Freight Logistics in Brooklyn. I have met great people through my position here and have enjoyed my time up until now immensely. I see the Transport and Logistics industry as one which can grow and am looking forward to the challenges and the potential to move throughout the industry in the coming years.


I completed year 12 in 2008 in which I originally planned to start a gap year with Australian Defence Force. After applying, I was asked what position I’d like to enrol in. I thought being a Logistics Officer was a good option, although I didn’t fully understand what it involved. When I was told there were no more positions available with the Defence Force, I researched a career path in the Logistics industry, and discovered how large it really was, and what the business actually involved. My Careers Counsellor gave me all the help and information I needed to begin my career path, and eventually I was accepted into the position as a cadet with TDT.
After meeting with TDT Victoria, I was interviewed by Mark Stevens at Costa’s and landed the job. I have learnt a lot in my months of training with Costa’s and TAFE and have developed a lot of great friendships and working relationships
I wish to take over a supervising role at Costa’s when my Cadetship is over, and eventually take over a management position to further develop and advance the company.


I started with Sadleirs Logistics and am pleased I am still with them at graduation from the Cadetship. My mentor was Ken Spicer who recently retired, but my new mentors are Michael Curren, State Manager and Bill Nikolovski, Sales Manager. I learnt a lot throughout the Cadetship program. Even though I was doing internal sales with my company, I got the chance to experience all forms of freight and different sectors of freight such as warehousing and international freight forwarding.
I also got the chance to meet some of the best people in the industry and opportunities to network with other classmates. who I can say I am still good friends with. This program has made me more mature and aware of the possibilities and opportunities I have in this industry. After finishing the Cadetship program I chose to stay with Sadleirs and hope to further my career in sales and customer support. Currently I am working on a new freight system which Sadleirs has just added and I am very involved with that.
Our 2009 Shepparton Cadet Intake


I graduated from McGuire College in 2008 with my VCE certificate and was eagerly looking forward to the next challenge. I felt as though further university study wasn’t for me, but I wanted something more mentally challenging than a trade apprenticeship, but still something that would give me a nationally recognised degree. After working in Cadetship for over a year I have realised how invaluable the work experience really is, then you also get a diploma and get paid for it all! I have now been employed at Visy Foods for the last year and am really getting a good knowledge of how everything operates and the size of the supply chain that is involved, I have been moved through several aspects of the business from stock control, to managing the production spoilage through the OH&S side and now managing all the export from the Shepparton site. The cadetship is a great initiative that has enabled me to keep living locally, keep playing footy and learn some valuable information that will help me further my career in this exciting and always changing industry.


I graduated from Rushworth P-12 College in 2005. I received a reasonable TER score but was unsure on what path was best suited for me. After juggling numerous options such as university, a trade or full time work I still hadn't made a decision. Having come from a family farm I sought part time off farm work in 2002/2003. I was taken up by a local farmer which specialised in Agriculture/Horticulture & Viticulture. When I finished my VCE, I stayed with this organisation as a full time employee and assisted in setting up a semi - dried export food facility. Through working through all aspects of the operation, I gained a widespread knowledge of Logistics: from cultivation to the consumer. It wasn't until my girlfriend told me about the TDT program that I applied and was successful. I am currently in my second year at Kreskas Bros Transport and thoroughly enjoying the challenges and the work environment. Everyone throughout the workforce here has been extremely supportive, helpful and has provided me with a vast array of knowledge I will be able to use well into the future. The cadetship offers a fulltime job, a Diploma and best of all, it is all paid for. I highly recommend taking up an opportunity like this as it has absolutely no boundaries.


I successfully completed VCE at the end of 2006 at Kyabram Secondary College. My interests include playing and coaching footy and being out with mates. Previously I had been working full time in Hospitality and saw this Cadetship as a great opportunity to be able to establish a career in an industry that appealed to me.  The course is very beneficial as you get paid while working and undertaking study. The study blocks are great because you are able to cross reference topics that you learn to aspects experienced in the workplace and apply the knowledge learnt when you go back to work.  Also, you also get the chance to go to seminars and trips to relevant logistics workplaces.  Currently I am working for Unilever in Tatura. They are very supportive of the program and offer me any advice that they can. The job is enjoyable and has allowed me to learn and observe different aspects of logistics in a working environment.


After completing VCE, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I received a good enter score and a few university offers as well but looked for opportunities to stay in the local area and work full time. My hobbies include hanging out with mates, listening to music and playing soccer with the Shepparton South Senior Women’s Team which I captain. I applied for the Cadetship because it seemed like a good learning experience that provides on the job training with qualifications received at TAFE and the advantage of being paid during study blocks. The things learn at TAFE are valuable and can be applied to real life situations in the workplace. I currently work at Unilever in Tatura, working in the Supply Chain Planning department and will soon be moving into Warehousing. The management and other staff have been extremely friendly, supportive and helpful, and heightened the learning experience for me. The cadetship offers great opportunities for my present and future.

Our 2010 Cadet Intake


Hi, my name is Thomas Fulham & I am the first cadet with Veolia Environmental Services. I completed my VCE in 2008, during which I obtained my unrestricted pilots license. I began working with Woolworths Limited in 2006 and progressed through to the position of Assistant Evening Fill Manager, completing several position reliefs & new store openings/refurbishments. At this point in time I found an interest in the logistics industry and came across this position through numerous job searches & have not looked back. I am currently working within our front lift & bulk commercial services departments in a wide variety of roles including routing, customer service & vehicle logistics control all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from the people in these positions. I am looking forward to learning & experiencing the many different aspects of our business through this program in the near future.


My name is Selina Lancaster. I have always been in the food industry and wanted to get out. When I wasn't working I did casual jobs in warehouses. I felt it was ok but wanted to be move involved and I wanted to learn more about the industry. Since I haven't really been a girly girl, I thought working with majority of males is the place for me. I enjoy figures and computer programs and meeting new people. I found the cadetship online, read about it and thought this is the answer for me and this is what I want to do. So far I've been with my company in Dandenong Sth for 4 months now and I'm really enjoying it.


I'm Matthew, I finished VCE in 2009 at Keilor Downs Secondary College. After working at a Transport and Logistics company on school holidays for 2 years, the logistics industry was something that really interested me. As soon as TDT spoke about the cadetship at my school, I knew it was a great opportunity for me. I currently working for Montague Cold Storage and I am quickly gaining experience and learning everyday. The cadetship program combining both full-time work and TAFE blocks is great because I am gaining both work place experience and my Certificate IV.


I completed VCE in 2008 and continued with part-time work whilst studying international business at Holmesglen TAFE. After doing one semester of TAFE I felt that I would like to participate in more hands on experience in the industry. Having known a little bit about importing and freight forwarding through bringing in used Japanese car parts to feed my drifting addiction, I decided to look for hands on experience in the industry.

Currently I am employed by Lou Arthur Transport Services located on Footscray Road. I am currently working in the Container Division of L.Arthur dealing with all company exports. L.Athur Transport is a very experienced company dealing with fumigation, quarantine, steam clean, container transport, machinery transport and have all appropriate container storage and truck maintenance all on site at Footscray Road; having over 100 years of experience in the Victorian Transport scene. I have learnt far more in the last 3 months than I learnt in the last 2 years of self experimentation in the industry.


Hi, my name is Blaze and I first found this Cadetship in Logistics Management advertised in my school newsletter while I was doing my VCE in 2009. At first, I wasn’t sure what logistics was really about as I haven’t heard much about it but then I looked further into it.It sounded interesting and was ideal for me as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life and logistics could branch out into a lot of different fields and careers.

I am currently working with Kagan Logistics at our distribution centre in Sunshine for Fuchs Lubricants. I am doing various tasks in and out of the office like organising transport, writing out connotes, learning about Dangerous Goods paper work, driving different types of forklifts and much more. In the 4 months I have been working with Kagan Logistics I am enjoying working with the people I am working with and also learning a lot about the industry.


I graduated VCE in 2008 and decided to take a year off to pursue my recreational interests. I became involved in motorsport, in particular, Drifting. Through this, I met importers of Japanese auto parts who opened my eyes to Logistics, a world I had no idea existed up until then. I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in Logistics. Researching the best way to gain employment and experience in the industry, I stumbled upon the TDT Cadetship and applied straight away. As a result, I am now working at Bunker Freight Lines, a premium line haul company serving all Australian states except the Northern Territory.

I have my foot in the door of an industry that is set to double in the next decade, earning qualifications and critical work experience. This means I have a great chance of meeting my career goals in the future.


I completed VCE in 2006 at Copperfield College and was accepted into the University of Ballarat studying a Arts and Psychology course. After a semester, I realised that it was not for me and completed a Certificate III in Business Administration while working for P&O Transport in West Melbourne and Footscray. After 3 years, I wanted to go back to school to learn more about the transport and logistics industry and saw an advertisement for a cadetship through TDT. I currently work for Montague Cold Storage in Tullamarine and I have learnt many more things on top of what I have learnt the last three years.

I am enjoying myself more then ever and I cannot wait for what the future holds, as this industry will continue to expand at a rapid rate.

Our 2011 Cadet Intake

Larry Maposa

Age: 22
Completed High School Overseas
Goal:     Warehouse Manager
Larry has been working in warehouses post senior education and decided to take on the Cadetship program to gain the qualification and to start his career formally. His position at Montague Cold Storage in West Melbourne secured both his place in the program and the step ahead for which he’s been searching.

Sally Kim

Age: 21
Completed VCE
Goal: Financial Controller
Sally completed Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting) upon finishing high school and commenced working part time. When she saw the Cadetship advertised in the Herald Sun she also saw an opportunity to take her skills outside of an ordinary office environment and into another industry and business – in this case CC Containers in Footscray.

Cameron Anthony

Age: 24
Completed VCE
Goal: Senior Supervisor
Cameron commenced his post high school life by completing a carpentry apprenticeship whilst employed by Bunnings. However it was not his dream career. Ventura Bus Lines in Oakleigh offered Cameron the Cadetship Program as a professional development opportunity to cement his career and future within the company that acknowledges his future worth!

Jake Spicer

Age: 18
Completed VCE
Goal: Department of Defence
Jake commenced his dream career in Logistics with CC Containers when he completed Year 12. They have since secured his future with a place in the Cadetship. Jake will complete the program with theright qualification and experience for his long term career goal. He is also making invaluable contacts, and broadening his industry exposure along the way!

Kyle Sewart

Age: 18
Completed VCAL
Goal:     Warehouse Manager
Kyle was referred to the program by people already benefiting from the Cadetship and secured a position within the Silk Logistics Group with Kagan Logistics. Kyle is looking to broaden his general education and commence a sustainable career.

Melissa Di Martino

Age: 19
Completed VCAL
Goal: Chief Executive Officer
Melissa has a background in retail sales, traffic management and make-up artistry – a combination that only an employer like Hoffmans Transport could seek to apply to a role in the Logistics Industry! Melissa, a hands-on learner, is seeking an opportunity to roll up her sleeves, get her hands dirty and climb the ladder to success.

Ermias Alemante

Age: 19
Completed VCE
Goal: Division Supervisor/Manager
Ermias commenced studying banking and finance after highschool but quickly found his attention drawn to more practical part-time jobs in Logistics. A website advertisement for the Cadetship Program caught his attention and Ermias has hit the ground running, securing a position within the Silk Logistics Group, with Kagan Logistics’ High Value division.

Andrew Stephenson

Age: 21
Completed VCAL
Goal: Rail Operations Management
Andrew has spent the years post high school finding his feet in retail, customer service and swim teaching positions but nothing appealed as much to him as a career in Logistics always has. After all it’s his goal to one day work in Rail Operations! Andrew is currently working for Toll Domestic Forwarding to gain his qualification and obtain a wider exposure to the industry.