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TDT Victoria, the principal source of industry advice about training to the Victorian Government, has developed a Cadetship program to encourage young people into the industry. 

Ours is a rapidly growing industry, with the freight load in Australia alone predicted to double by around 2015.  The Transport and Logistics industry currently has an ageing workforce and it also suffers from having a poor image.  Basically the industry is not considered a top career choice for young people. 

With these factors in mind, TDT Victoria has developed a program to encourage exit Year 12 students into the industry.

This program is not about truck driving. 

Cadets are based in Shepparton and metropolitan Melbourne with a completed pilot program in South Australia.  Cadetship places will be offered across metropolitan Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. 

The cadets are employed by industry and will complete their Diploma of Logistics in two years.  During this time they will rotate through the business and get a good idea of how a business works.  For example for the first six months they could be placed in a general administration area learning many of the basic tasks.  During the second six months, they could work in an operational role. This would then give them an understanding of the hands on side of business.

The second year may see them move back to Administration but into a higher level, perhaps learning about budgeting, OH&S, HR and finance.  The last six months would see the cadet placed in a specialised role, which may be where the company would see the individual cadet's future.

All training supports the type of role the cadet undertakes in the workplace.  At the completion of the program, the cadets will have successfully completed both a Certificate IV in Supply Chain Principles and a Diploma of Logistics.

The program has been enthusiastically welcomed by industry and we are looking to expand the program.  To find out more about the companies already contributing to the success of the Cadetship by engaging cadets.

TDT Victoria has negotiated a competitive wage for our cadets.  Their entitlements also include four weeks annual leave and sick leave. 

Opportunities exist NOW for young people who have completed year 12 with VCE or VCAL.

Industry Speaker

If you would like to take advantage of an opportunity to hear more about the Cadetship, in an individual or group presentation, please contact us now at TDT Victoria.